Caring for the Steadicam JR's LCD Screen!

The Steadicam JR's LCD monitor screen surface is composed of several layers of anti-reflective coating that do not respond well to the natural oils of our fingerprints--or rain water or almost anything else. Keeping the monitor clean and free of smudges offers one less distraction while operating.

It has taken me a long time to update this particular webpage with better information but fellow Steadicam JR owner/operator Derrick Nelson informed me about a product called Klear Screen. Check out more info at . They provide info on the product, a way to call and order with links to online stores that sell it. Derrick followed some of the links and prices vary from place to place. (also the product name - He's not sure if its the same product with different names or different products that are pretty much the same thing.)

Before I had recommended using rubbing alcohol on the Steadicam JR's LCD monitor but I've been informed that you shouldn't do that. Alcohol damages the plastic screen and will yellow and harden the surface. This leads to stress cracks. You really shouldn't use an alcohol or ammonia-based product to clean LCD screens. Water and vinegar will work but it doesn't leave any dust or fingerprint resistance (neither does alcohol). Klear Screen has been endorsed by computer and monitor manufacturers and should be used instead (they also make a cloth to use as well).

Rain Cover

As a sidenote you may want to have a brand new ziplock sandwich bag and a rubber band or two with you (maybe tucked in the camera bag side pocket). If the weather gets ugly you can slip the bag over the Steadicam JR monitor to protect it (let's not forget to protect the camera as well by bringing along a cover or bag of some sort for it!!!). If you have to operate in the rain (like I had to once when shooting an outdoor paintball match) keep in mind that the monitor will be harder to see through the plastic. Also, any water that the outside of the ziplock bag collects will act as extra weight and will directly affect your fore and aft trimming!

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