Handheld Steadicam Operating Tips and Techniques !!

This section of the website is basically a reference area for compiling different tips and Handheld Steadicam operating techniques. These pages have helpful hints and--most important of all--safety tips! This section can grow with your help as well! I want to compile all the wonderful tips and techniques that are e-mailed to me--provided they are detailed and descriptive enough (accompanying photos are always welcome!).

Setting up the Steadicam is one thing but using it in real situations is another. I plan to cover solutions to problems I've run into from many different shoots, such as: the ladder shot , and the "hot coffee cup" exercise (which is a comprehensive aid for orienting yourself with the Steadicam),--to name a few!

This website is my contribution to all of you who are willing to learn from the experience and talent of others. It is my philosophy that by sharing information the less frustrating video production can be. I've have never met a Steadicam operator who wasn't willing to offer 150% of their time and effort to assist me with an operating problem. So fire up your printer, select a topic, and click away! My hope is that you'll be enlightened AND entertained during your visit here.

Tips and Techniques!!

"Hot Coffee Cup" Exercise
The Ladder Shot

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